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On the Horizon

Ray Wozny, announced as the new President of the Institute of Configuration Management.

Joseph Anderson, announced as the Vice President of Services for the Institute of Configuration Management.

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Ray's Corner

RayAs we get ready to enter a new year we have many things to be thankful for at ICM and many exciting things planned for the future. ICM headquarters has recently moved to Denver, Colorado. We hired a new office manager, Susan LeCheminant and look forward to Susan bringing her expertise into our organization. As announced at our conference I took over the role as President. I have brought in Joseph Anderson, formally from Rolls- Royce, as the Vice President of the new ICM Global Services sector. ICM is growing and we look forward to sharing our strategic initiatives and future announcements in the near future. I have a great team, we have outstanding customers, and the future is very promising.

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Words from Ken

KenSome organizations attempt to manage the implementation of changes without going through the discipline of creating specific detailed implementation plans. I have been asked: “Why do I need a CN implementation plan?” on more than one occasion, so I thought I would pass along these reminders.

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How CMII Achieves the Requirements of the ANSI/EIA-649B Standard for CM

This white paper describes how the CMII model fulfills the requirements of the CM standard and why it is the most robust solution.

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ICM Global Services

JosephThe ICM Services sector is focused on providing each contracted enterprise, regardless of scale or complexity, the capabilities and industry experience needed to deliver tangible business results. We provide the necessary assistance for achieving transformational change with phased KPI initiatives, with a focus on lean transactional improvements. Our industry experts work directly with each organization to define and create a tailored plan that utilizes a phased approach to implementing the desired business changes while adhering to the CMII® principles.

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