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True NorthRejuvenate your legacy business model with our domain expertise and proven methodology. We unlock the full potential of your enterprise while building a culture of continual improvement. 

IpX's mission is to help clients plan and achieve their transformation strategy, improve their core business and operating standards, embrace the digital wave, maximize efficiency, and implement sustainable growth initiatives.

We have rich domain knowledge, solutions and expertise to help large organizations implement phased and manageable initiatives where business results are dependent on people shifting their behaviors and mindsets to achieve sustainable value.

Core Enterprise Excellence

IpX focuses on enterprise-wide changes that can produce sustainable cost savings and functional business improvements. We provide the True North for you to navigate the journey of complexities within today's environment. 

Enterprise Assessments & Advisement
: In order to achieve successful transformation in the landscape of tomorrow, businesses must improve their culture in conjunction with reshaping legacy business processes and systems. Achieving sustained improvement requires the organization to address silo competency mind-sets, antiquated capabilities, and global workforce dynamics. Our industry experts work directly with each organization to assess the current state of the organization and create a tailored plan that utilizes a phased approach for implementing the desired future state

Organizational Change Management:
We ensure your resources and global footprint are a source of value and competitive advantage. Our advisors implement methods that help organizations reduce costs, drive growth, and strengthen performance. 
  1. Shift behavior to shape organizational culture
  2. Advise executives to become champions for change
  3. Define and implement tangible transformation
  4. Maximize organizational health

Digital Transformation: IpX understands that rapidly evolving technology and digital trends are transforming your ecosystem. We will work with you to unleash the real value for you. Our technology professionals have meaningful experience applying modern system approaches and technologies to help you achieve true digital transformation. Our cross industry service providers help turn your IT landscape into realized value by evaluating, assisting, and determining the functionality needed to resolve process gaps. We provide IT executives with the latest industry developments and best practices for: 
  1. Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)
  2. Digital Thread
  3. Digital Twin

Integrated Process Improvement: Companies must integrate business strategy with supply chain initiatives to drive operational excellence. Our CM2 backbone encompasses product development, integrated planning, sourcing, manufacturing and logistics optimization, and sustainability. We employ world-class approaches, leverage our industry IPE/CM2 Congress, and offer services that lower costs, reduce cycle times and increase productivity. 

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