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Legacy into Leading: How to Transform into a Cutting Edge Manufacturer

Cell phones, social media, the cloud—today’s workforce grew up with technologies that provide instant connection to any person and any piece of information at any time. Manufacturers invest significantly in manufacturing capital, business processes, and enterprise systems and tools which provide positive return at a point in time, but also can reduce flexibility to adapt over time. Company cultures themselves can be a hindrance to embrace change and new, more efficient ways of working. Especially in the era of COVID, companies need to move faster and stay agile. 

The question that remains: what can teams do to evolve towards the tools and processes that the new workforce expects? Joseph Anderson, IpX President and long-time advocate for a connected enterprise, is hosting a roundtable with Dan Murray, CEO & Founder of Vertex Software, and Paul Nelson, Chief Technical Strategist, Tech Fellow at Northrop Grumman, to discuss how both the industry and the software side aims to tackle these challenges in our webinar Legacy to Leading: How to Transform into a Cutting-Edge Manufacturer. Attendees will hear from these experts:

- The importance of a connected enterprise
- Practical steps to move out of legacy processes
- Addressing the total cost of change including up-convert disruption
- How to identify and procure enabling digital tools
Read Key Takeaways from this Roundtable written by Andy Klopstad, Vertex VP of Marketing & Partnerships

Future of Product Visualization: Maintaining Continuity through Shifting Environments

IpX President Joseph Anderson, Vertex Product Marketing Manager John Heller, and Vertex Content Marketing Manager Rachel Holmes

Reuse of 3D product data throughout the product lifecycle increases product quality, creates a competitive advantage, and boosts the ROI. In our current shifting business environment with an unforeseeable future, traditional tools prohibit teams from collaborating efficiently. Transforming engineering data into a consumable format must be swift and cost effective.

In this webinar Joseph and John will discuss the need for platforms that support rapid change and connect BOM, data analytics, and 3D visualization in a cross-functional collaboration space. They will provide tips on how to align product visuals and data throughout the enterprise ecosystem of internal resource functions, suppliers, and customers. 

Vertex’s cloud-based, digital twin platform fuels team collaboration by unlocking 3D data and providing aligned visuals across engineering, procurement, manufacturing, sales, marketing, service, and the supply chain while greatly reducing hardware costs. Vertex helps teams accelerate review processes, empowers interactive decision making, readily incorporate supply chain innovations and protect IP. 
Read the Vertex Joint Webinar Recap "It's Time to Focus on Digital Acceptance" by Rachel Holmes, Vertex Content Marketing Manager. 

Freedom with Guard Rails: Enabling PLM Processes Step by Step

IpX President Joseph Anderson and Upchain VP Partner Enablement James White

Freedom with guard rails sounds like a dichotomy. How can one be free yet bounded by guard rails? Moreover, PLM is all about control of people, processes, systems and organizational structure. That’s not freedom.

In this webinar James White, VP Partner Enablement at Upchain and Joseph Anderson, President at IpX will confront the dark reality of traditional PLM implementations; that the original vision is rarely realized due to time, complexity, and cost reasons, resulting in gaps, rework loops, and manual touch due to discontinuous systems and tools. 

James White and Joseph Anderson will outline how Upchain software rapidly enables CM2 processes which are defined by IpX, to create a series of well organized quick wins, one workgroup at a time. IpX lay the ground work with CM2 services (the guard rails) and Upchain software enables those processes to provide a flexible powerful product development platform.

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