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ConX19 | Charting Your Course to True North

32nd Annual Event
Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Golf Club & Spa 
San Diego, CA | August 26 - 28, 2019  

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ConX19 brought individuals from around the globe and more than 100 organizations for discussions and workshops that provided methods for enabling end-to-end enterprise transformation. Attendees learned best practices for tangible organizational change and cultural change that deploy sustainable continual improvement throughout the organization.  Speakers presented lessons learned with combining CM2, lean principles, and agile methodologies to achieve maximized business value. The leaders in AI/AR, PLM, ERP, MES, QMS, and CLM solutions provided guidance on digital transformation through cutting-edge advancements in technology. IpX along with our cross-industry visionaries lead topics that demonstrated the need for a modern approach to business strategy that integrates the future state roadmap of the enterprise.

Featured Presentations

"What's the ROI?"

IpX President Joseph Anderson opened ConX19 with a demand for organizations to Wake Up. Product and process defects, especially those that cause harm, should not be the accepted norm. Stop asking "What's the ROI?" or "What's the business justification?" and start understanding that enterprise improvements and changes can't be achieved without first inspiring, empowering and engaging your people. IpX is your Enterprise Sherpa. We roll up our sleeves and deliver the work many are afraid to do.

"Mastering The Chemistry of Change: Empowerment to Release Your Inner Rock Star"

Opening keynote speaker Cassandra Worthy (www.cassandraworthy.com) explains change in a fast moving environment. Thriving through the struggle, she created the strategy of Change Enthusiasm®, that now enables her audience's unique signature of resilience, adaptability and perseverance.

The Future of the Enterprise Ecosystem

The Future of the Enterprise Ecosystem
Day one featured a high-powered panel "The Future of the Enterprise Ecosystem" moderated by Women in Manufacturing Founder and President Allison Grealis with expertise
from leading partners in digital manufacturing and transformation:

Semiha Yasar, Founder, SEMPRO Consultancy and Engineering
Cassandra Worthy, Change Enthusiast™, CassandraWorthy.com
Susanne Lauda, Director, Global Advanced Manufacturing Technology, AGCO
Erika Klein, Director HW Engineering, Microsoft
Leigh Ringgold, Infrastructure Sourcing Operations Engineer, PLM, Facebook
Jeanne Rues, Managing Director, Allison Transmission

ConX19 Speakers
2019 Past Events
OPEX WEEK: Business Transformation World Summit | 01.21.2019 - 01.25.2019 | Omni Orlando Championsgate, FL
OPEX WEEK: Business Transformation World Summit

#OPEXWeek has been the leading event for business transformation executives for the past 20 years, delivering an 
invaluable and unforgettable learning and networking experience for the leaders of the OPEX World. In its 20th year, 150+ inspiring senior leaders will take the stage as together you shape the future of business and process excellence. Never before has PEX Network and the opex community seen what’s coming this January at the 20th Annual OPEX Week: Business Transformation World Summit 2019!

IpX hosted a Workshop on Monday, January 21, at 12:30 on Driving Enterprise Wide Deep Change: Aligning transformation strategy, OPEX and process architecture for business impact. Hear from IpX Leadership and CM2/IPE Global Congress Members: 

Ray Wozny, President, IpX 
Joseph Anderson, Vice President, IpX
Martijn Dullaart, ASML, Configuration Management Expert/Architect
Maxime Gravel, Gulfstream, Group Head, Configuration and Change Management Manager

INCOSE International Workshop | 01.26.2019 - 01.29.2019 | Marriott Redondo Beach, Torrance, CA
INCOSE International Workshop 

INCOSE's International Workshop is the event of the year for systems engineers to contribute to the state of the art. Unlike INCOSE's annual International Symposium and other conferences, there are no paper, panel or tutorial presentations. Instead, attendees spend 4 days working alongside fellow systems engineers who are there to make a difference. Systems Engineers at all levels and from all backgrounds are encouraged to engage in working sessions, and contribute their knowledge and experience to take the discipline forward.

IW2019 facilitates working meetings for groups engaged in INCOSE's major projects and in international standards development, workshops to explore the Systems Engineering challenges in new sectors, opportunities for chapter leaders to meet and share best practice, support sessions to help you get the most out of INCOSE's shared working environment and a broad range of other technical meetings. Planned sessions will be published on the website as these become available.
SAE SMC Systems Management Council and Technical Committees | 02.12.2019 - 02.15.2019 | Westin Huntsville, AL
The Coalition for Women in Industry: Workforce Development Symposium | 03.28.2019 | WiM/PMA Headquarters
The Coalition for Women in Industry: Workforce Development Symposium

The Women in Manufacturing (WiM) Association has brought together top industry associations and organizations to launch a first-of-its-kind Coalition for Women in Industry. The coalition builds on WiM’s reputation for innovation and collaboration and offers a unique opportunity to strengthen unified efforts to attract, retain, and advance women in traditionally male-dominated industries. The group is comprised of senior executives, founders and board members of organizations and associations who are committed to this effort. 

Coalition Mission: To work to attract, retain and advance women in manufacturing, with the goal of achieving a new norm in the industry: one in which women and men have equal power, status, and opportunity.
Transforming Institutions Conference 2019 | 04.03.2019 - 04.05.2019 | Pittsburgh, PA
Transforming Institutions Conference 2019

The Accelerating Systemic Change Network (ASCN) invites you to join us for the 2019 Transforming Institutions Conference. This conference will bring together researchers, faculty, change agents, administrators, and policymakers to focus on transforming undergraduate education. This conference will address critical questions related to institutional change in higher education and foster connections between researchers and change agents across fields. We intend to provide opportunities for cross-disciplinary discussion and collaboration as we work together to bring about institutional change and to define the future of this work.
Industry 4.0 Academia | Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing (S2M) | 04.09.2019 - 04.11.2019 | Manchester, UK
Industry 4.0 Academia | Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing (S2M) 
The City of Manchester, once the birthplace of the 1st Industrial Revolution, is today a world-leading hub of the 4th Industrial Revolution, offering Industry 4.0 solutions in engineering, healthcare and social sciences. This event, jointly organised by The University of Manchester (UK), The University of Lisbon (Lisbon School of Architecture) and The Polytechnic of Leiria (School of Technology and Management), both from Portugal, aims to bring together leading experts from academia, research & industry, keen to share knowledge and exchange experiences on smart, sustainable manufacturing and its societal and technological drivers and impact.

Join us and get involved in this exciting event to network with your peers and inspiring keynotes coming from academia, business and industry worldwide.

The 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Smart Manufacturing (S2M 2019), part of the Industry 4.0 Academia Summit 2019, will provide a forum for stimulating cross-disciplinary discussions on the most recent innovations, trends, and challenges on a variety of topics listed here. https://www.industry40summit.com/academia

IpX's Academic Director Staci Hegarty will be attending. To meet Staci at the event or for more information on IpX Academics, email staci@ipxhq.com
Aras ACE 2019 | 04.15.2019 - 04.18.2019 | Phoenix, AZ
Aras Ace 2019

Discover ways to solve your most challenging business issues and set a clear path for Digital Transformation.

Collaboration is key to successful business transformation and ACE is the best place to begin your journey. If you’ve attended PLM events before, leave your expectations at the door. You’ll quickly discover that ACE is a unique setting we’ve created to bring together the best and brightest to discuss the industry’s toughest challenges.

ACE is the hottest event in PLM. Attendees can choose from dozens of presentations from thought leaders, Aras community members, executives, and industry experts. Participate in exclusive training courses, and take advantage of great networking opportunities.
10x Medical Device Conference | 05.15.2019 - 05.16.2019 | San Diego, CA
10x Medical Device Conference  

The 10x Medical Device Conference is the cross-functional event where the entire medical device ecosystem convenes to grow your skills, network, and profit. It’s designed to foster strong professional relationships among medical device players eager to learn smarter ways to do things with industry-leading resources.

Hear IpX VP Joseph Anderson on Wednesday, May 15, at 1:00 PM discuss "Is 'Operational Excellence' a Buzzword or Your Next Strategic Imperative?" 
CIMdata PLM Road Map™ North America 2019 & PDT NA 2019 | 05.29.2019 - 05.30.2019 | Tysons Corner, VA, USA
CIMdata PLM Road Map™ North America 2019 & PDT NA 2019  

PLM for Professionals—Product Lifecycle Innovation
As PLM continues to expand its coverage there are plenty of opportunities for innovation across
a product’s entire lifecycle. As a PLM professional you need to be in a position to manage the
complex PLM legacy, as well as understand where the new capabilities in and around PLM can
and will most likely take you.

PLM Road Map 2019 & PDT 2019 is the premier meeting place for PLM professionals like you—
one where industry leaders will report on two fronts—the classics of PLM and the upcoming
PLM enablers. Simply put: pain points and trends!

IpX President Joseph Anderson will be presenting during the PLM Road Map™. 
Siemens Realize LIVE 2019 | 06.10.2019 - 06.13.2019 | Detroit, MI
Siemens Realize LIVE 2019

Realize LIVE Detroit 2019 is the premier industry event designed to connect the growing PLM software user community with peers, partners, and products while promoting networking opportunities to learn, grow and optimize the software. Realize LIVE is your opportunity to stay on the edge of digital transformation, optimize your productivity through proficiency with industry tools and resources, and influence the future of software innovation, leading your business along your journey to success.

Realize LIVE brings together users, partners, and industry thought leaders for education, networking, and training. The ultimate goal of this event is to optimize your productivity and better your business by helping you to become more proficient with the tools and resources available.

Visit booth 317 to meet our team! Also hear from IpX Senior Transformation Specialist Scott Wertel and IpX Principal Digital Transformation Strategist James White! More details to come! 
29th Annual INCOSE International Symposium | 07.20.2019 - 07.25.2019 | Orlando, FL
29th Annual INCOSE International Symposium 

The INCOSE symposium has a rich history that dates back to 1991, and has continued uninterrupted every year to the present.

INCOSE’s Annual International Symposium is the largest worldwide annual gathering of people who do systems engineering for four days of presentations, case studies, workshops, tutorials and panel discussions. The program attracts an international mix of professionals at all levels, and includes practitioners in government and industry, as well as educators and researchers. The benefits of attending the Symposium include the opportunity to share ideas, network, build competency, pursue certification, contribute to the advancement of the profession through collaboration on tools, processes and methodologies, learn about new offerings in training and education, and forge new partnerships.

IpX ConX19 | True North for Enterprise Excellence | 08.26.2019 - 08.30.2019 | San Diego, CA

Park Hyatt Aviara Resort in San Diego, CA, August 26 - August 28. Training to follow August 28 - August 30.

Achieving Enterprise Excellence through People, Process and Technology

ConX19 will include discussions and workshops that provide methods for enabling end to end enterprise transformation. Attendees will learn best practices for tangible organizational change and cultural change that deploy sustainable continual improvement throughout the organization.

Speakers will present lessons learned with combining CM2, lean principles, and agile methodologies to achieve maximized business value. The leaders in AI/AR, PLM, ERP, MES, QMS, and CLM solutions will provide guidance on digital transformation through cutting-edge advancements in technology. IpX along with our cross-industry visionaries will lead topics that demonstrate the need for a modern approach to business strategy that integrates the future state roadmap of the enterprise.

WiM SUMMIT 2019 | 09.09.2019 - 09.11.2019 | Denver, CO

Attracting hundreds of manufacturing professionals from around the country, the WiM SUMMIT is the only national conference of its kind. This three-day networking and educational event features manufacturing plant tours, keynote presentations, roundtable discussions, breakout sessions, and social events to expand participants' networks. The SUMMIT location moves around the country each year, giving attendees the opportunity to experience manufacturing and develop their networks throughout the United States.

The 9th annual WiM SUMMIT will be held on September 9 - 11, 2019 in Denver, CO. The 2019 SUMMIT is expected to attract more than 400 individuals in manufacturing with titles ranging from production to the C-Suite.
Configit CLM Summit | 10.09.2019 - 10.10.2019 | Hamburg, Germany
Configit CLM Summit 

Today’s customers expect customization. They know what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. They have specific and prescriptive needs. They want to satisfy their own diverse global market demands, even to the point of customers starting to question ownership of a product.

Hear from industry leaders on Machine-as-a-Service, intelligent brokering in a connected economy, configuring software in complex products, and how Configuration Lifecycle Management has helped them to keep up with fast moving industries.

Experience the latest Configit products up close, talk with product managers and learn how these solutions can help you achieve growth.
With keynotes, presentations and in-depth discussions, the Summit will focus on the organizational and practical challenges of configuring, selling and servicing complex products.

IpX VP of Services Paul Kaiser will be presenting, "Demystifying Operational Excellence":

The foundational element is an autonomous and adaptive enterprise of people, processes, and products that operate cohesively within an integrated business model. Old mind-sets, legacy processes and systems must be shifted or an organization will fail to exploit true operational excellence.

Based on a modern operating model and advanced enabling digital solutions, there will no longer be a difference between information and material because products will be dynamically linked to their application and supporting information.

Interested in meeting the IpX team at the event? Plan a meeting in advance:
IpX VP of Services, Paul Kaiser, paul@ipxhq.com
IpX VP of Global Strategy, Greg Rohm, greg@ipxhq.com

Learn More about the Event and Register Here
ASME's Visualize Med: Modeling the Future of Medicine | 10.22.2019 | Minneapolis, MN
Visualize Med: Modeling the Future of Medicine  

Bringing a new medical device to market can be costly and complicated. Medical device developers and manufacturers need to increase speed, quality and results. Modeling and simulation can accelerate product development and the regulatory submission process, and more importantly, increase patient safety and enhance device performance. The ultimate goal is the safety and effectiveness of medical devices for every physician who uses them, and every patient who needs them.

Modeling and Simulation creates a ‘digital twin’ of a medical device allowing for feasibility testing, inspection and more to be implemented virtually. Simulation allows developers to accurately model designs under different conditions. The technology allows researchers and engineers to better understand mechanical behavior of devices, and can lead to more tailored, patient-specific items. Along with device prototypes, simulation can reduce time to market and generate valuable data.

Freedom with Guard Rails: Enabling PLM Processes Step by Step | 11.14.19 | Webinar
Freedom with guard rails sounds like a dichotomy. How can one be free yet bounded by guard rails? Moreover, PLM is all about control of people, processes, systems and organizational structure. That’s not freedom.

In this webinar James White, VP Partner Enablement at Upchain and Joseph Anderson, President at IpX will confront the dark reality of traditional PLM implementations; that the original vision is rarely realized due to time, complexity, and cost reasons, resulting in gaps, rework loops, and manual touch due to discontinuous systems and tools.

James White and Joseph Anderson will outline how Upchain software rapidly enables CM2 processes which are defined by IpX, to create a series of well organized quick wins, one workgroup at a time. IpX lay the ground work with CM2 services (the guard rails) and Upchain software enables those processes to provide a flexible powerful product development platform.


James White, Upchain James White, VP Partner Enablement, Upchain, Enterprise
James White is an Industry Executive and Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Business Transformation and Additive Manufacturing (AM)/3D Printing. He has strong client skills with extensive industrial manufacturing experience in global Hi-Tech, Medical Device, Automotive,Aerospace and Discrete industries, delivering disruptive products, systems, and solutions.

Joseph Anderson, IpX President Joseph Anderson, President, IpX - Institute for Process Excellence
Joseph joined IpX in 2016 and was instrumental in building the True North Enterprise Calibration™ model. In addition to leading the expansion of IpX training opportunities such as RISE, Retention through Inclusion, Service and Equality®, a training and service model providing methods for globalization of diversity and inclusion initiatives. He has more than 20 years of experience within the automotive, aerospace, marine and defense industries in various executive positions.

SEMPROCONX19 | 11.18.2019 - 11.19.2019 | Ankara, Turkey

Join IpX's Turkish partner Sempro for their first time in Turkey with an internationally attended business excellence and digital transformation themed #SemproConX19 conference. Interested in talking with IpX onsite? Contact info@ipxhq.com to schedule a meeting. 
DMC 2019 | 12.02.2019 - 12.05.2019 | Phoenix
DMC 2019  

Join us for the 2019 Defense Manufacturing Conference scheduled for December 2-5, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona. You may also attend the concurrent Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS)/Parts Obsolescence Symposium at no additional expense (by qualifying as active US Military, Government or current DD2354 on file), giving you access to more technical information for the same travel cost.

The expanded Exhibit Hall will include all the leading organizations from both the DMC and DMSMS communities. Visit us in Booth 446 at the DoD Digital Engineering Strategy Pavilion. Interested in talking with IpX onsite? Contact info@ipxhq.com to schedule a meeting.

Learn More and Register Here
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